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So the colour Orange. It's not helping that I'm sitting on a bus writing this (the commute home) with a girl in an orange top sitting beside me... if she reads what I'm writing she's gonna slap me...LOL. I was gonna go on a bit of a rant about the colour orange... there are only so many peeps that can pull off orange clothes and when they do it drives me totally nuts. I love seeing girls in orange clothes that look great. Black cargo pants, orange top with an orange bra and I'm done…

Today totally kicked ass!!! I got a few decent things done at work, but we're in a slow stage so I'm not stress'en. But dig it... I slapped on the head phones, tuned to the internet radio broadcast of the radio station that my Lj friend Kym works at (I'd link her but I'm not sure if she's game for that kind of publication) and found out that it really does rock the house to have a slice of Kym for lunch. She even gave me a real live radio dedication ... Goofy as it sounds... this totally made my day! Thanks Kym... you cook girl.

On a completely dif topic... Shann? you have a hella body there girl ... holy lordy girl. Those pictures are pretty impressive. I can tell your really suffering from low self-esteem and have a bad body image (not!).

Survivor Prediction:

The immunity challenge selected for tonight will tell the tail. The player with immunity basically gets to set the tone. The other two have to vote for each other so the challenge winner picks whom to go up against.

Tina? She'll pick Keith, cause she will win against him.
Keith? He'll pick Colby, cause he knows he can't win against Tina.
Colby? He'll pick Keith, cause he knows he can't win against Tina.
Are you seeing a pattern here?

Tina is the money girl. Now they picked Richard in S1 so, shyte, anything's possible. Tina really strikes me as a very crafty woman capable of all the necessary evil to pull off backstabbing good girl. Note that she has zero votes against her as yet, although she broke the ice on the whole turn-on-your-tribe-mates thing... The whole sophy's choice thing with Roger re: "Should I kill you, Roger, or Elizabeth?" really creeped me out.

Have a fun night guys...

(footnote: got home from work and got a total tummy ache... yucki)

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