Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 13

Again with the snow?
I woke up and puttered around at 5:45 waiting for the six o'clock news to hear if it was going to be another snow day for the kids.
No such luck for them... SCORE for dad. :) (actually, I shouldn't complain... they're excellent when I have to get work done).

The day was broken up by the arrival of...

... our new sofa.
Sadly... the receipt is clearly marked... "customer demands complete replacement" (and the vendor will do it...)
There are a few issues with the quality ... but in the mean time... all I want to do is stretch out on it...
And the BEST BEST BEST PART???? I had the carry-in-the-sofa-guys help me move the former family room sofa to it's new home and new life and the "theater room sofa". :)
... just ... lovely. :)
We've not had a reasonable seat in that room since I finished it ... however long ago.

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans...
~ blue tee and a big warm black hoodie. :)
~ k, all about the work today... except when the guys came to deliver the sofa. :)
~ to send a little friendly love to a yumikid I know...
~ that wbahner doesn't lose all his memory...
~ happy ape day to dinkydo
~ and that tonya finds her groove, in time for the Trace.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Melli-belli... although a) you're not here, so you wont see that... b) you likely hate "melli-belli... regardless, diecheerleader, I hope you're having fun.

There's a lot of water to go under the bridge between now and the end of Robot Lady (aka Hillary) but it sure is looking like an Obama kinda November... and I have to say that I'm oddly impressed and concerned about John McCain. I got to know him watching Jon Stewart... the guys been on The Daily Show several times.

Big Brother...
The "season without screenwriters" kicked off survivor and Big Brother to carry us through to spring.
I am, without a doubt, not going to be able to watch all the BB ... life is wwwwway to busy. I still have a season of Heroes to watch!
That being said... let me just say... Sheila... get off yer high flippen horse ya old coooze.
Nose-picker boy is clearly not your soul-mate, but he is your sudden partner for a GAME SHOW.
How you can't figure that out and get busy playing to win... is totally beyond me.
Meanwhile... I will well and truly enjoy every moment of suffering that the recently seperated-because-he's-a-cheaten-bastach girl. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Enjoy three months in a house with your ex.
... and I want bicycle-boy to win... but he wont.
... and I want chelsia to run around in her undeware... but she wont.
... and I want Julie Chen to admit that she's actually a disney animatronic anchor on loan to cbs. ... but she wont.
I'm guessing Natalie and Matt will win... they have the "woohoo... we're playing a game together" thing.

I read an advert for something described as "stay put grip" for a tampon. The advert lamented the poor womens plight with the tampon that doesn't stay-put. So I'm picturing razor sharp barbs that pop out along the edge... to lodge it tightly in place... and then I did the little "I'm a man" happy dance... and muttered the words to the secret song that only men are allowed to know. :)

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