Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 12

K, it's late... long day. Life is a whole bunch of madness these days...
Always twenty five things going on. :)

It was a nice day today... a bit cold (freeezing freaking cold) but now it's snowing again, so it'll warm up a bit. :D)

~ blue ftls,
~ blue jeans...
~ black tee... but I'm off to get a hoodie... brrr!
~ Ok... it likely should have been another day of knuckling under with the clients' stuff...
~ but it wasn't. :)
~ instead, I got up a little later than usual and drove the boys to school, and then went as a "parent volunteer" on a day trip with Ed's class.
~ spaghetti for dinner. :)
~ bayshore (shopping center) with suz tonight ... as she struggles to decide on a new pair of jeans...
~ and then now... after giving Ed a shower and putting him to be with a few pages of "The Subtle Knife".
~ that nutmeg... sticks to her guns... and resubmits...
~ for her Eli to get past this coughing stage of her life (Geo had / has asthma, and as an infant... it worried me so...)
~ and to send some strength to snwbrdette... !

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday simplyred.... where ever you are... I hope you are well. :)
And happy birthday to a busy dad (circlek)... may this next year keep you and your family in good health and great spirits.
Happy birthday kristiseriously! I hope the year ahead of you... leads you to a treasure trove of faith in humankind...
And tassy... happy birthday sugar... may the great things going on in your world... keep on keep'en on. :)
and another ... "where ever you may be" happy birthday to ackies. I hope you are well and finding life to be on-your-side.

An adventure with kids.
Ed's class went to the the [ :: Bill Mason Center :: ] today. I went with... :)
It was all about "wildlife education" mixed up with cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. :D
I had six kids to keep track of and we had a great day.

~ line 'em up for the bus. :)

~ this guy was showing the kids how to get up after you fall on x-country skies. LOL

~ some of my gang on the ski adventure bit...

~ the sound of twenty kids clicking over a paved garage floor in snowshoes... is quite something...

~ snowshoeing... is pretty much just a forced march through the woods. It's basically work. eh. :) To me, it's not so much an "activity" but a means to an end.

~ you know there's a live animal living in a mound when you can see the "crystallized" frost around the chimmeny hole. ("blow frost" or something like that....)

~ there was this total Blair Witch moment with the kids standing around trying to be quiet, holding palm-fulls of bird seed in their upturned hands, over their heads.

~ so I lay in the snow a ways off and waited. :)

~ my view looking up while I was laying in the snow

Ok... all done. :)
See ya.
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