Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Survivor XVI Update!!

Survivor XVI: No really? Still?

Did You Say Favorites?

Where in... a motley group of Survivor-Loving-Almost-Stalker noobes face off against a bunch of retreads from the last few seasons. The only question is how will Dom Jeff bring his charms to keeping us interested after fifteen seasons.... Fifteen seasons of outstandingly bleached teeth, and a now hackneyed expose of the youth-entitlement-culture and the just-as-tired old-fart-entitlement-culture. Although... the "old folks" angle is a little weak this time around, with the retreads bringing nothing ancient to the table and the stalkers instantly lost one of two to the "crazy lady" zone. None of that really matters though. With Amanda, Parvity, Ami (!!) and four stalkers that could easily be waitresses from that diner in that Seinfeld episode... it’s pretty much going to be all about the girls this season. Mark my words... We’re in Micronesia... which is practically another state in the Union, just well hidden and for which the CIA fact-book’s only clear observation is that the Federated States of Micronesia is a "major consumer of cannabis" and that it’s about four times the size of Washington, DC.

*To read the rest of this Survivor 15 Update, click below to jump directly to the post in the cor_realitytv community.*

(Micronesia! Ho.)

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