Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 10

So we had family movie night last night and took in the delightful... Mr. Woodcock.
It had it's moments...

Suz and I managed to get a tv overload - which I was sooo totally into. :D :D Nice "put brain on hold" kinda moment.
Survivor... (yes) and Lost took us till very late.

It's actually "warm" outside... or at least... not cold, but it's blowing, snowing, sunny, blowing... odd day.

~ k, the work jeans again... 'cept I haven't gone near the basement...
~ well, basement work... but the best-laid-plans and all that...
~ lots of chores...
~ not much skiing. :( but life's like that - it seems to be a bit big on the wind today...
~ that crushdmb finds her voice...
~ for pixiecup to have loads of wonderful days...
~ and that cynnerth battens down the hatches...

have you played with ? is fun.

K, so before I get all "wow, what a great way to kill two hours" I wanted to ask for a quick fix to iTunes not finding cover art for half my stuff... but I suspect it's going to be a song by song "fix the file property" issue... ick.

(translation... I'm going to try and learn to love the iTunes again. I swore off 'em a while ago... but I'm back for another try.)

3:43... must check to see what will magically turn into dinner...
Then see if I can write up a little something. :)

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