Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Saturday, February 8

Ok... so I HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER about planning my air flights.
It too 9 motherfucking hours to get from DC to Ottawa. NINE... That's the number AFTER EIGHT. (which might be minty, but that doesn't really apply here).
a) stick to the plan, if flying a connecting flight, to making the first flight domestic... so that means fly to Boston from DC.
b) screw this crap about flying after work. I plan all future homeward journey's to begin at lunch.

~ Grrrrrrrr... not a good journey home... with flight delays and frustrated people.

It was like totally May in DC... warm... grassy... did I mention warm?
It's been snowing non-stop here ever since I left...
I want to go skiing tomorrow!

~ ol'black hoodie...
~ work'en jeans. :)
~ up too early, and watching while mover-guys put my sis's sofa's and desk in my garage... (She's moving... I'm storage).
~ take Ed to basketball... forget b-ball shoes... drive home, get them, drive back... sigh.
~ home again... shovel snow!! Lots and lots of snow here... !!!!
~ work on basement ceiling "Section B" project... I'm being very slow at this one...
~ Wave to Suz when she takes off to get some errands done... she's in "getting ready" mode for her trip next week... (see below).
~ take Geo to Soccer... bring Ed... he'll draw...
~ home to make up some kind of super dinner... I'm thinking chicken kiev and sticky rice... hmmm... garlic....
~ and find a way to relax tonight. :)
~ I hadn't just had a firefox CRASH that hosed a great long comment... (very frustrating) and the culprit was, btw, the miriam webster ( web site...

Here's a thing.
I'm not going to repost the text from Jay Leno... but I will give you a link.
[ :: here is a link to the Leno Text :: ]
edit:So apparently, [ :: snopes link :: ] Leno didn't write this and it's a big misunderstanding.
Although everything I have to say about a speech like that remains... valid.

Now here's what I think of that...
I think that is a horrible piece of trite from a rich ass who finds it empowering to berate the people that our economic, political and religious hierarchies step on as they casually control 90 percent of the wealth, power and material among their 5 percent of the population.

67% of Americans are unhappy because they're unhappy and it's this kind of thinking that belittles their very real problems and castrates their hopes for a better life.

There are people who's lives suck horribly... but that doesn't invalidate the unhappiness of people who's live suck less.

Leno lives in a mansion with servants and a football field sized garage filled with antique cars. He doesn't get to preach about how ungrateful sad people in America are.

Screw him.

Ok... I'm done now. :)

See ya.

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