Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, February 7

Just an unbelievably busy day... one more to go. I get up... i work like mad... and the dream about work all night and get up to do it again.

I have to say... going to the ball game... meeting lj friends... sure takes the edge of the travel.

Tonight I got to meet the incomperable rini... a co-conspirator in making the world a better place.
She's going to face the music tomorrow with a big board review ... and I want to tell everybody to send her good luck vibes. :)

She had to fly into DC for the night to get to the review tomorrow and I got to have dinner with her. :)
We went to china town and ordered enough food for six people...
I'm pretty darn lucky sometimes. :)
I took the crummy camera-phone pic in a starbucks... a 'bucks actually open after 5:00 in DC... wohoooooo!

Had a good hour long phone call home ... watched the end of the Illinois / Indiana game...
Now I'm settling in to make a slide show for the bosses and get some other work done... then PACK...
I hope to be in bed before 2:00... I got a looooooooooooooooooong day tomorrow.
But tomorrow ends in my own bed in my own home... with kids, suzy and ddr. :)
Flight is at 6:00... well, 5:55.
I can hardly wait. :D :D :D

~ a white shirt day... one day out of five... clean, simple, white dress shirt and dark tie. :)
~ another day ... getting the team sorted... getting goals in peoples sights and gunning for the budah!
~ to send a little "go you" moment out to earthgoddess
~ that the life and times of pasticcio... gets more comfy with the "almost 15"... and to agree... her princess is a princess. :)
~ and to smile at snarky_angel... knowing full well that she'll never stop being a trophy. :) not a chance.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to my wee friend who is a whole lot "NOT Wee" any more... happy birthday no. You were just a little girl when I met you and now you're ... still a little girl except you're seven years older. :) I hope you're having fun... celebrating life and enjoying the company of friends.

The planet wants... needs... America to elect a democrat.
Republicans don't fund the EPA enough.
Bottom line.

Tonight my thoughts are with a coworker on my team here in DC... her brother had a heart attack this morning... and so far... things look ok.
But life is complicated and sometimes harsh. So my thoughts tonight are tending towards the "hopeful". :D

40 million Mr. Mitten dollars down the tube and then he steps aside. If I was one of his grand kids... I'd be pissed. :D lol.

~ later sk8rs. :)

edit: I taped Survivor (at home) and I'll watch it tomorrow night. :)
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