Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 5

Yeah, so this black guy has been screaming obsenities from Franklin Square... aka "homeless black guys on benches land" ... for almost two hours.
Please be done soon.

It was a lovely day... no sun... but not cold and not bad. :)

~ eh? now... black jeans, white tee and a big warm hoodie.
~ today? dark gray trousers ... brand spanking new shirt... it' has a kind of "shine" to it... one of those "no iron" shirts... that, of course, I had to iron the heck out of last night... um... blue. I like new dress shirts... sleeve's a bit long, but I get to do the "unbutton cuffs and roll sleeve up two folds, then push up my forarm" thing, which totally makes the clients think I'm all about getting down to business... and if you just laughed a bit or muttered "dork"... you don't understand this business. It's half about what you know and how you apply it... but the other half is how you make your clients feel when you're "applying it". It's like the blazer... something I prol'y say too often... I only wear it so I can take it off when I'm about to start giving a presentation. period. :)
~ oh man... another stupid crazy land busy day. Team meetings all morning... a "thing" after lunch... and then client meetings all afternoon...
~ That pic is the outside of another vast federal organization and deep in the bowels of that insanely old building I spent an hour giving a quiet one-on-one (with little blinky lights on a teleconference phone flashing away the presence of distant listeners) to an associate cio...
~ I got the "rs-mmc" card today (2 gig) ... that goes in the nokia 770... I ordered it from Amazon, saving about 80% of what I'd pay in store in Ottawa... and had it del'd to my DC co-workers house. So... I'm running this video conversion program made to set up a vid for replay on the 770 over a movie (Stranger than Fiction) and two epi's of Primeval (season 2). Those will - in theory - entertain me on the plane ride's and airports on Friday night. :)
~ I could roll up hope and smoke it with shannihilation...
~ that roaring_woman can ride this stuff out...
~ and for sarah_cares to feel a little of that "ground beneith your feet" thing...

Birthday moments...
Dear shoo & towanda ... please see yesterday [ :: here :: ] because I'm old and forget how to count to six sometimes... :)

I wonder... do girls fake being on their cell phone when they're walking around in public as a "defensive construct" to possibly forstall unwanted advances or possibly stop random assault?

you know... I'm sitting here, anticipating a bunch of work... and yawning my head off. I think I'll do "half the work" and then just go to bed. :(
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