Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, February 4

k, Must leave soon to find food.
I'm going to trip over into hunter mode, and end up eating the first thing I find...
And that's not always a good plan.
However... if I wait four more minutes... the fifty billion terrabytes of crap that has to download from samsung to let my phone talk to my lap top because I forgot to re-install it after my lap top got re-templated at work... will have finished and I can maybe get a picture off my phone.

See... the only other person who gets into work at the same time as I do, when I'm here, was - I thought - an apple girl... with her little shuffle all cute and tiny on the desk.
But what is this I see?
It's all black and plasticy looking... like an oversized Colleco-vision game controller.
"OH... it's my zooooooooooooooooooon"
"but... aren't you an apple girl?"
"eh... I've secretly been an anti-apple girl for years."
"but... the shuffle?"
"bah... check out my zooooooooooooooooon"
"Oh... okay." poke poke...
"No, it's not a touch screen..."
"Oh... you use this wheel thing?" twiddle twiddle...
"No, you have to press here... then here... look.'
"Oh cool... nice big menu.... WiFi?"
"no... "
"You're a zune girl... aren't you...!"
(I made her a sign)

~ light blue ftls... kinda silly but still...
~ dk gray trousers
~ very dark, gorgeous dress shirt, little bitty lines...
~ dk blue tie... with wee tiny white dots...
~ and a blazer... cept' I left the blazer at work so I can wear my NEW black jacket, which doesn't play nice with the blazer... gah, it's like cats and dogs... but never mind that... back to the jacket. It's REVERSABLE... the soft fuzzy inside can become the outside... which moves the slippery "swish swish"y outside to the inside. All Black. Black with black and some black trim. Oh, and it has a cell phone pocket... but I can't find it. The little tag say's "has a cell phone pocket"... but it's a mystery!!
~ up at 6:30...
~ starbucks (think Alien's acidic blood melting a hole in the floor and my falling through...) by 7:10
~ office at 7:30 ... and then a long day of being a smarty pants...
~ there's a night of being a smarty pants ahead of me... but I'm going to interrupt that show with a trip on the metro to somewhere called "Pentagon City"... 'cuz they have an Apple Store there. Just going to drool over stuff for a while ...
~ find food... FOOD... MUST GET FOOD...
~ and when I get back... ET Phone Home... then ... watch an epi of Torchwood and then get busy with the work stuff...
~ for little miss sugar-kriz... (krizsa) to make some lemonaide...
~ to send some screaming umpa loompa's to irishgypsie's house so they can bask in the excitement of her world today...
~ and for pixiecup to catch a little break... sheesh.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday lil'shoo-shoo... (shoo). May there come days and nights that remind you of magic.
And happy birthday towanda ... I hope the house hunting extraveganza makes this a never-forget-year. :)

K.. i have to install photoshop (I'll do that tonight) ... so I can edit that picture down to a reasonable size ... and you can still read the zune sign. :)
But not bad for a cell-phone picture. :D (edit: done! :D)

Hey ... I can see the Washington Monument from my hotel window. Mind... I can only see the little pointy tip part... which makes me just wanna burst into song with jokes and stuff...

Portable Phones In Houses: Making it possible for every phone to be the icky phone somebody's on while pinching off a loaf since 1999.

k.... apple calls.

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