Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 3

Today... kinda lovely. :)
Yesterday? Kinda lots-a-snow. :)
Took Ed to basketball in the morning...
Geo and I went skiing yesterday afternoon and it was an absolute joy to push around actual snow... and not feel like you're just scraping off ice. :)
Dinner at my folks house... and DDR till the wee hours. :)
A great Saturday.

~ blue blue and blue...
~ fts, jeans and a tee... :)
~ groceries...
~ cleaning...
~ packing...
~ driving...
~ flying...
~ working...
~ sleeping. :(
~ it was summer in DC and winter here... that way it wouldn't be dark out when I got out of work... and I could still ski. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday (yesterday) to wittleangel... may there be soft moments and good vibes in the life and times of you... where ever you may be.
And to my favourite Bill... (aristophren) a guy who I still owe a Mr. Big bar to... I hope you have a wonderful birthday today my friend... and this next year is kind to your knees.

Geo... yesterday.


~ honestly, the best part of womens down hill ski racing...
is the little form fitting single suits they wear. :)

me and busy are best friends today. :)
See ya soon.

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