Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 1

This is called "happy".
You should try it. :)
All you have to do is...
Accept all the stuff you can't change...
Do your best with the stuff you can...
And let the love pour of you.
I promise... you do that,
and you get to be happy too.

On another note:
Holy freaking snow fall batman...

~ green ftls
~ blue jeans
~ orange tee
~ and? the big black hoodie. :)
~ well I thought I was going to knuckle under on some spreadsheet stuff...
~ but it's a "Snow Day" because... well, there's a TONNE of snow out there.
~ so the kids were home all day, and Zee went to work.
~ stupid drama's at work with client v. contractor issues... slowly getting settled...
~ and planning a butt load of meetings for next week... sigh.
~ Oh, and we all packed up and drove through the snow to go to lunch with Zee at the "lone star" ... texican food...
~ tonight? Well... total idiot that I am... I took Geo to the indoor rink to meet a friend and skate.
~ dumb 1: I should not have gone out in this weather - no accidents but ... it was just dumb.
~ dumb 2: (aka The Huge Dumb) I let geo go skating without his stunt helmet.
~ I got home and got a call like ten minutes from him asking to be picked up...
~ oh the tears. It's not that it hurt but he feels like such a git for saying he didn't need a helmet.
~ meanwhile, I'm dancing around in glee... 'cuz he LEARNED HUGE but didn't get hurt too bad.
~ he has a goose egg bump on his forhead. Begging the question... will his ski helmet fit tomorrow? If not... I will be sorely disappointed. 50 cms of new snow... = SKI BABY...
~ that bump-head settles... :)
~ that nutmeg gets through the new little while and can chalk it all up to the little stuff from babyhood. :)
~ for mspish to stay out of wallmart... where they have all the giant displayes of valentine CHOCOLATES!!!!! :)
~ and to send a little love to innerly and her family....

Dear LOST:
Pop Up Video fabulous factoids for the repeat of last years two hour "learn to hate Jake" season ender was great.
Condensing the two hour thing, and shoving it into a one hour review before the actual new hour... and calling it a "two hour season premee"... eh... not so much.
And running the actual hour of NEW for two minutes past the actual television land "end time" ... totally was like that stingy feeling you get around your sphicter after eating too much indian food.

Dear Fans of LOST:
If anyone can tell me what happened in the actual last two or three minutes of the show... (they always have a zinger of some kind in the last moments)...
That would be great. :)

It would be GREAT if I could talk APPLE IPOD TOUCH owners into spilling the beans here in a comment or two.
What do you love... what do you hate... about your touch?
Any trouble with your limewire, bit torrent downloads playing?
Is that mapper thing as cool as it looks or is it a pain?
Can you actually use the calendar to mark in appointments and stuff...??? or is it just a visual calendar?
Is the WiFi seamless? I played with a friends iPhone and the wifi stuff was impressive... but I only saw it in action for a moment...
Or maybe apple geeks know good "unbiased" review sites out there? I've trolled... but I've found very little that made me feel like I was getting a good look.

k... gotta jet.

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