Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 31

Ok... the calm before the storm day. Sunny, yummi, damn cold, and beautiful.
I'm pointing to the brilliant sun!! :D
And? It's supposed to snow 20 cms tomorrow... well, starting tonight.
This bodes well for skiing on Saturday... but not so hot for the school busses running tomorrow morning.
(Oh, and I just went outside and it's getting mild... a sure sign of pending snow)

I'm so flipp'en tired today. !!! Two long conference calls... and doing my best to not fall asleep at the keyboard.
Why am I so tired? I went to sleep EARLY last night... even by my crazy standards... so I'm thinking it's just life catching up with me for a bit.

LOST tonight. No really... LOST.
I am reminded how freaking maddeningly confused I was after the end of the last season.
And the 8 minute montage of the "show up to this point" didn't help. :D (But it was fun to watch... thanks smooshiefaceinc)
[ :: go see it here on YouTube :: ]

~ tangerine thong
~ black fishnets
~ lemon yellow silk hooker dress
~ wait... oh, you mean me?
~ phone calls... emails... reading stuff I almost understand...
~ and planning another week of insanity in DC... :(
~ to thank sassy_red_head... just for being a sweet pregnant girl... :) I think there are about six preggers in team time bomb right now. You guys are on top of the "top ten" list of reasons why I love LJ. :)
~ to point out that I think dinkydo is actually a secret agent, working for a hush hush government agency.
~ and for the gods of the interweebs to play nice with canuckgirl.

Birthday moments...
From yesterday... sorry I missed you guys... brain was on hold.
Happy birthday to sugar-kat... (angryvixen). May you be blessed with a healthy family and opportunity for you all to play together. :) (and no bank robberies)!
And to doodle as well.. Happy birthday little-miss-married-sugar... I hope the year ahead is filled up with great memory moments.
And for today...
Happy birthday sexsatan04... as always... I hope for your happiness. Enjoy your day, where ever you may be. :)

Hillary Schrillary. You know she's going to be a looney toon right?
Of course, hell will freeze, thaw and freeze a second time before we see her holding a cigar tube and saying "I didn't have sex in the oval office... really."
And Oh-blam-blam-blam-a... there are ten million card carrying kkk members in the united states.
but that's ok... there's eleven million secret service men and women... so president oblama will be fine.

~ because some people never have a reason to see or do this stuff...
You see, you have to be at the airport 2 hours before an "international" flight but only one hour before a domestic.
But domestics can "connect" with an international flight and only have a half hour wait between flights.
So if you fly at 6:00 from DC to Boston, the Boston to Ottawa, you only have to be at the airport at 5:00.
If you fly from DC to Toronto, then TO to Ottawa... you have to be at the airport at 4:00.
Walk up to the little video game display in front of the airline ticket counter and tap the screen.
Type in the number on your electronic "bought it on-line" ticket... your "file locator", and stick your passport in the slot.
Out pops your boarding passes.
All I have is a rolling carry-on and my "dell lap top back-pack". No checked baggage.
At least 30 mins before boarding... walk to the crazy zone.
Sheeple liner-uppers move folks from the hall to the serious looking security dudes.
They want to see your boarding pass and id while your in line.
Passports have a second photo of you that you can only see with a cool uv flash light!!!!
At the end of the line... is a stainless steel couter with these industrial looking gray dirty dish bins like they have in restaurants, except they're all clean.
Put boarding pass in SHIRT pocket.
Close pull handle on carry-on.
Open zip pocket on carry-on and take out the clear plastic bag that has my liquids and gells. No container larger than 100mls and no more than 1000 mls all together.
Drop it in the bin...
Put carry-on on the counter
Pop cell phone off belt... into the bing with the bag.
Take off shoes... in the bin with the phone and the bag.
Take off belt... in the bin with the shoes, phone and the bag.
Push the bin along the counter.
New bin.
Put in long winter trench coat...
Put in blazer (it's easier to wear your blazer than to pack it)
Push the bin along the counter.
New bin.
Open back-pack, TAKE OUT lap top.
Put it in the bin.
Push the bin along and put backpack on the counter.
Push it all till the conveyor belt takes over.
Take boarding pass out of shirt pocket and walk through the metal detector.
It consistently ignores my watch, so I don't bother taking it off.
Show security dude or dudette my boarding pass.
I didn't beep... I NEVER beep... so I'm done.
Face the new counter... and do it all in reverse.
Mutter to myself about buying loafers instead of lace-ups...
And wander down towards my gate and buy a big smoking hot cup of coffee on the way.
If you're lucky you might get a juice on the plane... but you can carry on a big ol'coffee.
Sit and wait.
They'll call your flight... they'll even ask you to line up ... maybe by row # ... but whatever... stay put.
Sit there till the line is done.
Where's all the people?
THEY'RE ALL DOWN THAT HALL lined up to actually enter the plane.
Then they're all in the plane, standing there, lined up to pack shit into the overhead compartments.
Just cool your jets. Drink some coffee and read your book.
10 minutes after AFTER the last person goes down the ramp...
Get up and get on the plane. :)
Fall asleep immediately.
Wake up half way to where ever and drink the rest of the coffee.

We're going out to dinner tonight...
We promised Edward a crab-leg dinner for his birthday and it's overdue.

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