Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, January 30

The guy with the teeeny little head.

It's all about the wind today... 70km winds... blowing stuff over and piling other things in corners.

My trip to DC was grand... big wonderful sucess and all that rot... but it sure tired me out. I know part of the problem was that I just didn't really eat... with travel times for two days over the dinner hour and not enough "space time" to get food and eat it. I did have a big salad at lunch but ... just not enough food for two days. Oh, and still feel fat. Well not fat... as in fat fat... but fat as in me fat. "me fat" is... mostly in my head, because I've no doubt I've got this belly thing when I'm not feeling fat... I just get in moods. :)

~ black ftls
~ black jeans, tee and a warm blue sweater. :)
~ up and at 'em with the family... school and stuff...
~ couple of work calls and then drive downtown to the office.
~ back after lunch...
~ return a phone charger I bought after I left my last one in DC... (but I got it back on this trip so... score on the return policy...)
~ mad conference calls all afternoon.
~ and hopefully... some good old fashioned relax'en tonight.
~ (I'm already getting things together for going away all of next week (boo!) ALTHOUGH my coworker is taking me with he and his wife to a basketball game... DC Wiz on Wednesday night. :D)
~ to send some prayers and love out to innerly and her family...
~ to send a smile out Mrs. Giant Hands... (princessblondie) and hope she takes that hair band off before her brain explodes. :D
~ and that a good night's sleep finds its way into the life and times of tonya

Birthday moments...
Yesterday... the day I didn't post... was my african queens birthday!!! Happy birthday dear Nola. :) (teaser). May this year bring you peace... good fortune and health and ... the opportunity to enjoy all of that. :) (and good luck on the little "Dr" thing... )

Thank the stars for small miracles... and wave at Rudy. Say g'night Gracie. Ya big tool.

And I promise to get you that link to the "Link" costume-maker off of Ebay... I'm just waiting for suz to get home from work. :)

Work is into the "madness" phase... tax time is coming... winter is being cruel with the freezing rain and ... I want to go crawl into my bed and click on the electric blankie...
Alas... Dinner must be made. :)

See you soon.

ps. LOST tomorrow. :)
EDIT: WAIT... Ok, no... I was checking the tube and there was LOST on for two hours tonight... but it must the "replay" of the season ender...

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