Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, January 25

Day starts with blazing sunshine and wicked morning shadows...
But it degenerated into a whole snowy gray thing.

Ok... I can get a B on basic "you spin me 'round" but anything besides a D on "rythem is the dancer" is a freaking pipe dream. :)

~ same ol' same ol...
~ well, expecting to spend the day doing more of the same...
~ and then madness began with never ending changes to our project time frames. Exceptionally stressful.
~ now I have to go to DC for a day next week... besides being there the whole of the week following. (for a day... booked less than a week in advance... stupid expensive)
~ pizza for dinner
~ DDR for dessert. :)
~ that nbbmom does a good chuck mangione with the evening end of the mexican lunch...
~ that all is well with canuckgirl's family...
~ and that bramey is careful where she puts her fingers now... :)

I am STUNNED, TOTALLY FREAKED, by how inexpensive some flight fares are. Like book a trip from detroit to DC a couple of weeks in advance and I think I saw Continental for 49$.
There are a zillion flights all over the US for less than 60$. Totally wow. This I only have seen because I'm screwing around with booking flights for work and noticing how crazy inexpensive the flights are if I book 'em more than a week ahead.

So I'm pretty sure I'd love to have an iPod Touch... but in the mean time, I'm having a lot of fun with the Nokia 770. I've logged hours and hours on this thing. Finding and installing applications, like a cool "mapper" that can pull data from google maps and any other map service..., or an xterm to drop into the debian os and hack around. Nokia goes on and on about how it's not a PIM but a "net tablet"... so it's like Nokia takes out contracts on anyone who starts programming a calendar application for the thing. I can't find any calendar apps. Now if canadian cell phone provider services actually had packages that let you use cell packets to get on the net without having to remortgage your house or sell all your relatives to eskimos so they can play stone whitey on weekends. Then mr nokia could bluetooth to the net over my cell phone. Sadly... all I can do is hunt down wifi and ride. (Which is what you have to do with the Touch... - but the touch is just so phenominally elegant and the software is crazy good... - AND IT HAS A CALENDAR. Sheesh.

Ed and Geo... into bed at a good time last night... then suz and I did the ddr thing for a ages... it got to be about 12:30... and I'm like "oh, I still have to make lunches" and then CLICK.
I remember that I'm supposed to be sending Ed to school with 30 cup cakes for his birthday school day (his b-day is this sunday... and he turns 10!!!!). So yeah... "cup-caking" (the verb) till the wee hours.


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