Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, January 22

you know what to do...

oh yeah,... and snow. snow snow snow snow... it's snowing. big fat full-of-themselves snowflakes. It's like they're all saying "look at me!" as they land on each other.

Well, ok that was hours ago.

Now it's all night-time and stuff.
Next up is Ed to be with some of The Subtle Knife to find sleep with.
And then? ... I'm thinking the admiral... and then DDR.
It has beginner, basic, int. and adv. I think... whatever...
"four guitars" on Basic... is freaking madness ... :)

~ same ol'...
~ gray, black and zillion year old black... see the icon... same shirt. :) (It's a perfectly good shirt... no really)
~ early morning zombie routine with the kids, then face first into a giant pile of work.
~ ring ring... 12:30... school.
~ got Ed... upset tummy... ru roh...
~ more conference calls and then groceries.
~ rainbow trout for dinner... crazy good.
~ to send a smile all the way over there... and hope acoolsecretary catches it. :)
~ that nbbmom's neck... loosens up...
~ and to say YO! beachdog! so many jokes... hard to pick just one... :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to aellia... who always appears to be what I think "regal" is supposed to look like. :) May you be blessed with the company you get to keep. :)
And, in the off chance that she peeks inside... happy birthday little ragamuffen. I hope you're all kinds of happy and enjoying your day.

Remember the old days... back when everybody wrote stuff in their ljs about life, the humour, the mystery.
And then fucking heath ledger died.
~ CNN calls it a "developing story"... begging the question... exactly how can it develop. "Mr. Ledger has just been found to be more dead. Stay tuned... We're checking the whereabouts of Cathy Smith."

k... time to go take care of my little Ed. :)
See ya. :)

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