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Wednesday, January 16

There are so many windows on our main floor...
on a wicked clear... sunny morning like today...
it's like a sunshine tsunami...
brilliant sunshine pouring through everything and washing over everything...
Purrrrrcy and I spent at least 20 minutes stretching out in giant sun beams and letting the sun toast one side ... roll over and toast the other. :)

~ green ftls...
~ blue jeans
~ cape cod tee
~ and ze big warm hoodie. :)
~ busy day... but it started with this totally perfect early morning. I'd had about 4 hours work done by 10:00 watching the sun rise and the kids boot off to school.
~ going to watch Sarah Connor with Zee later... however, I already watched it... :) (I've got epi number 2 in the can waiting for zee to catch up. :D)
~ for fleshy inspiration to carry creativity to new heights ... for little miss distant dewyeyed...
~ that bronxelf_ag001 gets to be recognized as a DOTF!!! :)
~ that cerulean_me felt better by the time the day was wrapping up...
~ and that after she sorts out the whys and hows... sirenity just keeps hearing stuff like that grocery boy said... :)

The radio tells the story...
A western canada police officer...
He's on the stand and taking responsibility for the death.
Death landed on this old guy who had been arrested for being shit face drunk in public.
It was the dead of winter...
It was the dead of night...
The watch commander pronounced our dead drunk fit and sober enough to be driven to the edge of town.
Constable Unlucky decides to be a nice guy and doesn't follow orders.
Drunk dude is left in an ally behind the closed-for-the-night soup kitchen or whatever...
Well Constable Unlucky ends up back in that ally two hours later with a bunch of other badges, bags and gloves.
Seems dead drunk... is no longer drunk... only dead.
This happened a few years ago.
But an official "inquiry" was held and this was the outcome.
And there's his adult kids on the radio... bawling about "how could they let this happen."
Now I'm not saying the coppers were golden paragons of righteous wow...
But geez...
That cop did NOT KILL that old guy.
Being a shit face drunk old man in the dead of winter killed him.
Where was his family... the same family that is soooooooo broken up and distraught over losing him?
They care now that he's dead... but it sure would have helped to give a care when he was alive.
I'm sorry... but that old guy died because he was a drunk, not because he was arrested.
You live like a bum...
You die like a bum...
And then people come along and blame everybody else.

Every notice that "The Clash - The Magnificent Seven" could be mashed with Jazzy Jeff (hi crushdmb) and Will Smith doing that "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" song without even batting an eye.

Meet our new sofa...
We wont get ours till sometime in early Feb.
But it looks like this... :D :D
(but not the ottoman - we're still shopping for that... )

~ alrighty then... :D
Time to go put the boys to bed and finish Golden Compass with Ed. :)

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