Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, January 11

Home, safe and sound. :)

Words of advice...
1. ~ do not under any circumstance, dare to sneak off a little fart on a commuter jet.
2. ~ do not make your "one night have a great big meal" night the night before you fly home when you're away for the week.
(and yes... 2 is directly related to 1. :D :D)

LOL. I pretended I was asleep. :D

~ pj pants... tee shirt... and a smile. :)
~ totally bananas day. Up way early ... eat breakfast and zoooom to work (two blocks away in the 1200 block of K St. - hotel is at 14 and K) and then get to an early meeting with the client "contract controllers" etc... this goes on ALL MORNING and I end up having to BOLT BOLT BOLT from that office, to my office (I actually have an office on K street???), the hotel, where I left my cell phone charger AGAIN... and then the airport. You have to be at the air port 2 hours in advance of international flights... I was 10 minutes late but they were nice about it.
~ fly to Toronto...
~ fly to Ottawa...
~ drive home...
~ hug hug hug hug hug hug hug scratch hug hug... (the scratch was for purrrrcy)
~ make spaghetti for dinner and smile...
~ I'm still smiling. :)
~ that mzz super siren... er, sirenity enjoys her night...
~ that I was planning a trip to Mexico... so I could find innerly... :D
~ and for no1topaz to be careful with those pine... nutz... they could be dangerous. :D :D

Birthday moments...
[Bad username: !!!!!!!!!!!]
No seriously... what is with people who remove their birthdate from their profile on their birthday and then put it back again later?

OK... what the hell happened to all my snow?
I'll snap a picture in daylight... but dude... where's my snow?
You go away for one week...
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