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Kym, my lunch time "sweeper" is in here somewhere....

Ok, so this morning started with me checking the pc for a weather report. Sun, a few clouds and more sun. I mean, it was HOT standing at the bus stop! We had the AC on last night... Summer weather. Oh, btw, I kinda got a kick out of realizing I was had left the cam in update mode when I went to bed and hence it was updating when I sat my naked self down to get the weather... Now I'm not saying the corto porno is around the corner... it's just that some small part of my head kinda felt a wee bit electrified the moment I realized a full-on naked shot must have been grabbed while I sat down. Yes this is super goofy... deal with it. J
Last night, one of my friends posted a web cam picture of herself revealing nekkid shoulders but nothing untoward. I think she said it was visible to a sub-set of her friend list, so I'm not naming names. Two things: 1. She must have received a huge rush out of pushing herself to do that... and 2. she has been kinda self-critical in the past and girl I'm telling you ... you got game! you looked adorable.
Two of my friends in Lj land got lay-off notices yesterday... notably, carrie and the "stephany" behind STVLive. My heart goes out to both of them although "laid off", in this case, just means you'll be available for someone else to hire... I'll betcha they both land firmly on their feet.
~ cotton cargos and the dark blue shirt with the orange strip on it...
~ brand new, super comfy, smoothy hugg'en b.u.m. boxerss,
~ dem shoes, and the D&G
~ to get a bunch of stuff cleared out of my inbox at work and map out billable work for the team for the rest of this month!!!!!!
~ to totally enjoy watching the Survivor finally tonight.... I'll be taping it and Bair? this time I will double check that it is actually taping (I blew the recording of the S1 final epi!). You know when this is done I'll have a complete set of S2 updates... I think I put them on my web site like a story... :D what'd ya think?
~ to be "locked on the lunchtime rock with a steam'en slice of Kym Mackay, hold the anchovies baby… but load on the cheese!"
~ that love would just hurry up and find it's way.
~ for all the support Allyn can handle and the best of luck in his AIDS Ride. I haven't said that enough and I wish I could be there to give him the much deserved support that will help him achieve these worthwhile goals.
~ that Toy (dailymom) would have a baby already!!! LOL (it's gonna be today! Fingers crossed)
~ that the rest of my pregnant Lj buddies the very best of health and comfort.

Ok, I'll stop now... later skater.

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