Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, January 2

So I just popped #5 and 6 advils for the last 24 hours... two at bed last night, two this morning and now. :(
When the advil wears off... it's back. I need this to go away.

Today was all sunshine and blue sky... and air so flipping cold your spit freezes before it hits the ground.
So we stayed indoors all day. :)

Suz worked... I worked on the basement and the boys played.
Oh, and we went to The Golden Compass last night.
Ed and I are still only half way through the book... but it was a family movie night and that was our fav.
I totally enjoyed the movie... thumbs up. John Faa was a freak ... but whatever. Make up crew was speed balling or something...

~ eh... work clothes all day... as in "basement work"
~ but I'm all about the housecoat and pj pants now...
~ to finish section "A" of the basement play room drop ceiling.
~ did not get there... got most of it done, but with the pot lights and vents... there's still a lot to do on "A".
~ I didn't have a headache...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Rawgg (brak55). I hope you enjoyed the day and that the year ahead keeps you happy. :D

Perhaps 2008 will the year that the line between attention deficit disorder and a really-brilliant-child-thats-board-with-this-crap will be highlighted and a lot of kids will get to stop taking medication that serves no other purpose than relieving parents from having to actually apply parent-type coping skills.

Try as I may... I still don't get facebook.
I mean... I grok the interface.
And don't get me wrong, I appreciate the hook-ups...
But as for the whole ding-a-ling... I really don't get it.

Section "A" (click me)

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