Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, December 30

Geo had a "sleep over" with a couple of friends last night... Movies, Wii... warcraft and way too much pop.
I know they had fun.
(gah... one of them has this thing for "axe"... that "spray on repellent" that the tv has convinced boys is a good idea. Kill me now.)

~ blue jeans...
~ gray teeee
~ and the hoodie I will apparently wear every day for the rest of my life... er... sorta...
~ to wave at boys as their moms pick them up and drive them away...
~ to possibly go to a furniture store... we sorely need a sofa...
~ to send truly fearful and loving thoughts out to a friend...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday shannihilation... may the year treat you with fun ... and my I someday get that puddle of mud picture out of my head.
And a very happy birthday to my co-conspirator, rini. May this year bless you with great fortune and appreciation. You've a wonderful heart... the world will reward that.

My heart goes out to a friend who's wedding was not so long ago that I haven't forgotten the interesting story... and who welcomed her baby to her breast a few short months ago and who now lays to rest her partner.

I am filled with the effort to grasp the unexplainable...
the need to understand the darkness
and a great wish to be able to shed light and warmth.
I am not The Sun...
but if I were, I would bathe you in the rays of me
and wrap you with wishes for peace.

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