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Friday, December 28

~ depends...
~ started in ginch and a tee for long enough that it was bugging ed.
~ then a shower and jeans...
~ but then skiing and all the warm stuff that goes with...
~ and now? it's back to jeans... but I've got my new hoodie on too and it's... warm. :D
~ a grand day of screwing around in the morning...
~ off to Pakenham to ski with the boys all afternoon...
~ to ice that baby toe...
~ and now, it's dinner time and Dr. Who Christmas Special time. :D :D :D
~ for to send a few good vibes out to nbbmom... just 'cuz...
~ and that cerulean_me ... makes the most of "opportunity".

Birthday moments...
To a long gone tom... (another_tom), Happy birthday muchacho... I hope you are enjoying the time.
And a big Happy Birthday to uniclycommon!!! May you be blessed with the close comfort of your best friends and may fortune smile on your year.

~ if your happy and you know it clap your hands...


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