Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, December 23

Ok... so it's raining. It's warm out... there's ten tonnes of snow everywhere and it's raining.
A totally gray, flat day. The horizon merges with the sky and the world becomes a dome of bright gray.

Ah well... Suz has gone on one last hunt for the elusive Wii Guitar Heroes... doing the "I'm in line at Best Buy" thing...
And we're taking care of poor wee Edward, who's tummy has decided to rebel something awful for the day. :(

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans... dreaded p-z jeans ("weird fit jeans")
~ blue tee... but I'm dolling up in a bit for a trip to my folks.
~ a trip to my folks... :) The annual christmas friends&family do...
~ baking more kifli...
~ some quick groceries I think...
~ for my little Edward to get better... :( :( :(*** he's got an up-chucking tummy flu.
~ to send the greatest of congratulations out to arlyn on her... MARRIAGE! May I just say... you've come a long way baby. :D
~ for those friends I've met here in la la land that are distant from their families, or having any trouble at all finding the seasons vibe... may the spirit find you, and keep you close.

Birthday moments...
From yesterday, December 22;
Happy birthday lynspin. May this next year find a way to keep you healthy... and fulfill a few of those fantasies...
And to a friend that found her way out west, and so many new beginnings, happy birthday burntflowers... I hope you are well.
Oh and not to forget the vanishing dork... er... dorkgirl, Happy birthday sugar-rhon... :D
And for today... December 23...
A wish for a girl that remains a glimmer of unexplainable beauty, Happy birthday herlifedotorg... I pray things are heading towards February with blessings. You are in my thoughts...
And finally to little miss blushingblaze! Happy birthday sugar, and I hope you're finding all kinds of things to be excited about, and having the time of your life being that way. :)

Now I know folks get silly busy at this time of the
season, what with last-minute everything...

But it only gets worse over the next week.

So I'm using my post today to shamelessly do a little fawning.

I would like to say a few words about someone whom I would label as the...

Blogger Of The Year
My vote is for a young woman I randomly met
here in LJ enough years ago that it makes me
feel old-skool to calculate it.

After connecting with her and sharing stories,
I very much became the observer as she decided
to grab even more out of the life she was handed.
To my eyes, she is, has been and will likely always
be a dramatically attractive woman, and she has
just enough vanity to not let my saying so bug her.

But her appearance is hardly the story of the year.

No, there is so much to her accomplishments that
I am well and truly sat-back-in-awe.
She has educated me... and anyone who is willing
to engage in reasoned debate... on the subject of
gun control. She has entertained me with a boundless
capacity to find humor and sarcasm where it's so
justly deserved. And she has steadfastly written
about her transition and experiences in deciding that
law enforcement was going to be her thing.
I've been fortunate to read of her amazing relationship
with the love of her life... but most of all...
She continues to write.
The stories... the wit... the information and the humor.

Thank you kitiara. You are most definitely
my vote for "blogger of the year."

(and I do think my friends should embark upon a decision like that too... who do you think has just been a bang-up read!)

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