Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, December 16

Well... hullo from poop central.

Gah... wanted the hand of death to come a visiting at several points yesterday. Todays a little better. Still got the evil runs (TMI sorry) and my tummy feels like there's a scary monster living in it... but I'm awake and I even managed to shower and shave.

Suz was s'possed to go be a "wrapper" at the mall for her annual volunteer thing... we had requisite jokes at dinner about her being a rapper today... but all that means nadda when the mother of all "nor - easters" comes a calling. It's just wicked wicked wicked out there. With the wind, it's pretty much "snowing sideways" and it's building up against the house in a most "holy cow" kinda way.

Yesterday was a total write off... Like Saturday was ripped out of my consciousness and sold to a nasty troll that wanted to punish me with his evil ways.

If I can muster it... we're all about the tree today... :) (and the boys may lynch us if we don't :D)

~ old and blue... loose ftls
~ jeans... that I'm taking off and replacing with PJ pants...
~ some gap sweat shop shirt action and I'm putting an old comfy sweater on in a min. :)
~ tree. upping and trimming
~ wanted desperately to go shopping this weekend with the boys... so they can buy their gifts for Mom... but alas... tummy flu is just kicking me into the gutter.
~ I felt a whole lot better. :(
~ and to send some good vibes out to ossie who gives a lot... but asks for so little. I really hope you catch a break soon Oss-man... with the computers and ... the other thing. :) Just say'en that you and your family are in my thoughts...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to wolfiegirl... And I know I'm a day late on this... but I kinda missed yesterday. :) Nikki I hope you had an absolutely wonderful birthday and that the year ahead keeps you in the best of health and surrounded by love. :)

Check out this really grand music toy. [ :: Musicovery :: ]
~ no seriously... it's a total trip and ... well, there's all kinds of music.
Thanks for the tip ninneviane

yeah... tummy feeling oogish again. I gotta go. :(

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