Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, December 12

It's all about the sunshine and c-c-c-c-c-cold today.
Looking into new pcs for the boys... starting with ... buying-the-parts, and then comparing that to just buying-the-dell. Not the most fun.
fricking low end dells are so darn inexpensive... tantalizing... but then you think for a minute and realize it's just so much rot! grrrr.

Finally got to watch "Live Free Die Harder" or whatever it's called. My first movie on the new tv. Door closed, house empty, sound up, lights out... ahhhhhhhh...
Oh, and when super uber evil bad guy asks his henchman "Are you going to be ok?" after henchmen gets clocked by the daughter... well, I still chuckle when I think about it. :)  Another fine entry in the Die Hard series. Hard to beat the first one, and this one does have lots of cliche moments out of the "lets use hackers in a movie" idea jar... I didn't care. It's all about enjoying a fast paced fun movie. :)

~ blue ftls
~ black jeans...
~ one of the newish black tees, and there's something great about a well made, soft cotton tee... just say'en...
~ and a very warm sweater. It's officially bazzing around here these days... ski jackets, scarves, the whole nine yards...
~ yeah, well a morning filled with forms, and digging through paperwork... getting sorted on things...
~ quick trip off to tv land to buy yet another tv, getting the same deal for a friend...
~ oh, and bringing home the right sort of vga cable to hook laptops, or geo's warcraft-play'en computer up to the big ass tv... snarf... loads of fun.
~ making ribs for dinner... and off to a neighbors house for some cake... Neighbors with cake! :D yeah.
~ that bulvai enjoys going into game coma mode...
~ for dr. allyn to have a successful operation on that apple
~ that some good news finds it's way to ayoub's in basket..
~ and that sweet relief finds wbahner

Birthday moments
Happy birthday boogierock... I hope you've found a grand way to celebrate your day. :)

Dear Mr. Harper:
There is little doubt that the Chalk River nuclear plant can function and do so well within the safety limits and standards itemized somewhere in the bureaucracy of the governments oversight of nuclear power.  However, redundant, secondary systems, like the backup cooling system for the nuclear power station, are designed into safety specifications specifically because of the intolerance of the complete system to withstand any kind of unexpected calamity without creating dramatic levels of public risk. Sure it's safe to start 'er up and it's safe to run it... right up until something goes wrong.

If something goes wrong, I suppose it's possible that the worst case is less damaging than not providing the isotopes to the medical community, however... that's not what your saying. You're saying the national organization established to oversee nuclear power generation in Canada, and staffed with highly educated specialists from the field, doesn't know what they're talking about.

It seems to me that either we are wasting untold millions of dollars every year on the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and they should all be laid off and that organization closed down, or... you should fess up to the idea that you're saying the risk to the lives in the region around the Chalk River facility is smaller than the risk to the patients awaiting isotope related medical services. 

If it's a numbers game... then admit it. And enjoy your time on that very ... very slippery slope. 

... k
gotta git. :)

Have a great evening. !!

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