Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, December 7

damn... it isn't even friday any more.

OYI... ah kill'et me coffee maker.
It was all in the name of do'en good.
As I gave it the washen of it's life.
Took off lid bits and cleaned 'em up good
And use a bottle scrubber to get the guk
off the inside of the water reservoir.
Plugged 'er in when all was ess 'n dee
but the little numbers on el ee dee
had no interest in tell'en the time.
An the power button did squat.
So now I'm letting it dry.
I'll try it again in the morning,
but it's a good chance I'm off to buy
a new coffee maker tomorrow

~ eh... black black and black... only because it's easy, the jeans fit nice lately and the shirt is all soft and stuff.
~ another crazy day of phone calls and trying to get my head around how much work I'm gonna have to do in the new year.
~ took back the pvr that I picked up last week for the basement.
~ got a regular HD digital decoder instead.
~ drove Geo to the theater so he could meet up with some friends for a movie...
~ the night wore on with all kinds of cleaning up and now I'm working on the "wall mount" for the new family-room tv. Yes, I know... screw it, we waited a long time for some new toy action and this is fun stuff. :) (vierra 42 plasma 1080p - remember, we got a killer great deal on this gear)
~ that I survive tomorrow. :) We've got a basketball tourny for Ed all morning and soccer for Geo in the afternoon and company coming for the evening. (must work "go buy coffee maker" into that somewhere)
~ that I get a chance to check my Fps soon... :)
~ and that my friends are enjoying the beginning of the one month a year that can actually claim to possess real magic.


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