Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, November 28

picture: so that you don't forget how desperately attractive I am... :)

Some days... I'm just going on steam and I don't realize how totally bagged I am...
until I stop and try to settle into reading something. Then my eye lids turn into lead curtains.
Yaawwwwwwwwwwwn! :D

Today started with sunshine and seven cups of beautiful... but it's become quite overcast and gloomy out there.
Snow is likely on the way... again.

~ all business'ee... but no tie... it's turtle-neck season. :)
~ but that was then... jeans and a sweat shirt is now.
~ drive downtown to meet with big bosses... and hand in expense report "receipts". We can do pretty much everything on-line... but I still have to bring original receipts down to finance. Bah!
~ call up the local Apple Care people and talk about whether or not my MIL's "handed down" iBook is compatible with a newer version of the Mac OS than the 10.3.9 that's installed. Fingers crossed... because it would make a nice iPod dock and music server in the tv room.
~ have no idea what to think about for dinner... maybe spaghetti.
~ for my little sugar-t... tonya... to find her way to better sleeps and ... a little girl that gets on to a "new stage" soon.
~ that the drama that seems to be dogging a truly remarkable woman on my FL... (sugar-blon-blon!) be the sort that ends... !!
~ and to congratulate sometimes59 on the new little egg that she's got a cook'en in her belli...

Birthday moments
To a couple of slackers (lol) that seem to have vanished.. troz1958 and hakuai. Not that they know each other... although I suppose it's possible for them to have met through my journal, left their families and run away together... but I very seriously doubt it. :) Happy birthday guys... where ever you are... and I hope this birthday finds you happy and healthy.

I get a little ticked off when I think about the implications of a teenager who doesn't believe that global warming or "climate change" is a big deal hard core issue. That means he or she is in a home where the parents don't believe it... and here... in Canada... I think that's just kinda ... bad. No seriously... it's like people saying smoking isn't bad for you because they have a doctor somewhere that says it's not bad for you... despite the fact that the entire medical community is lined up over there screaming about how bad it is.  Well the scientific community cannot make their concerns any more clear... yet there are still people teaching their children that it's all a big over-reaction.  Not impressed.

You're amazon order 23oiuei90234-934-094239 has shipped.
I bought a jarba blue tooth head/ear thing that does not entirely turn me into one of the borg. It's like 129$ but on sale at Amaz-atron for 27$. It's over a hundred from my cell phone provider... Thank you amazon. See,  I'm just sick of not being able to hear anyone on my cell phone when I'm in the car using the piece of crap wired ear piece that came with the phone. Oh, and I have to say, I like "blue tooth" technology almost... almost but not quite as much as ... the fact that they called it "blue tooth".
Q: Why is the technology called Bluetooth?
A: The heart of the Bluetooth brand identity is the name,
which refers to the Danish king Harald "Bluetooth" Blaatand
who unified Denmark and Norway. In the beginning of the
Bluetooth wireless technology era, Bluetooth was aimed at
unifying the telecom and computing industries.

We decided, after seeing a commercial for this or next weeks Desperate House Hoes... to forgo the rest of season 4 of the 4400 (kinda want to save it up for a bit) and watch some of this seasons DHH. We watched three flipping episodes... three? Maybe it was only two... but man... that's time that finds me constantly calling every person on the show one name or another.  Kinda like "cursing people out practice".

~ k, gotta git. Have a great day. :)

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