Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 27

K... it's trying to be winter. The temps keep fluxing all over the place but in the main... it's snowing. :)
The new Warren Miller film opens at the national art center tonight... (not that I'll be there or anything).
Just say'en... snow... miller... december just around the corner...
We'll be skiing soon. :)
~ does a little dance.

~ black stripee ftls
~ black jeans
~ white golf shirt
~ dk blue pull-over...
~ boys off to school...
~ dad off to school... :)
~ day two of the two day course... long day. :(
~ however... it's Tuesday night and I don't feel like doing any actual work work... so I'll do play work. :)
~ try to work on homeowners association newsletter... :)
~ that lisabella enjoys her moment with the little things... especially the ones that ring bells. :)
~ for mentalconundrum to ... you know... hold on to that good vibe.
~ for some very good results in the land of lynspin... I hope tomorrow goes well sugar-spin.
~ and big congrats out to my friend, harleydog... now in her 2nd trimester. :)

Wohoo... wicked cool. Dance dance dance... yehawww... pluck one for the big Texan.
Gosh... and to think we'll have peace in the middle east in our lifetimes.
I mean... with all those folks down in Annapolis... everything is sure to just...
you know... work out. :)
Totally not like all those other roads-to-peace he's paved for Israel and friends ...
with American tax payers money. Those other times... they don't count.
This time, it'll be all different.
Because ... he's ... magical.

um... just taking stock of exactly how often I put little :) or :D's in my text.
Is it mad'ning? I've not really been cognizant of actually how often I put them in...
I do know I have to backspace a lot of them away from real client writing...
sad... eh. :D

George is sitting on the carpet, practicing his sax (alto sax)... jingles bells mostly. :) Ed is sitting at the kitchen table with Zee doing math homework... I'm enjoying a coffee on the sofa with all this going on... I just finished the after dinner kitchen clean up... I made rainbow trout for dinner... (fish. Brain food.). Oh, and there's this ginormous poinsettia in a huge pot... very red... kinda sparkly.
I'm pretty sure Norman Rockwell is lurking 'round here somewhere.

k... see ya. :D

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