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holy moly

I'm say'en sorry right away cause if it's suck'en where you're live'en then you really wanna be hanging with me... It just totally kicks ass in Ottawa right this second! I'm talking the very first day that short-sleeved shirt left the house wearing me with out a jacket. Well first for the season. It's sunny, blue, warm and wonderful here.

I've far too much to say in Journal land today... something diametrically opposed to my actual work responsibilities .... we'll see how it all works out ...

~ it's swish swish day... or as my boss say's I'm wearing my snow pants today.
~ my totally fav short sleeve shirt and dem shoes, dem big-ass punk kick'ers... silly, heavy but I like them so deal.
~ a great big smile - no, not for that, alas... but closer and closer....
~ read a whole big pile of papers on my desk that are getting long in the tooth, a'wait'en for my attention.
~ finish up the last of the employee evals...
~ more project files... ug. and I need to do some errand running at lunch.
~ that being so emotional didn't get me into trouble with the people I love... you know who you are...
~ I owned a diamond rio 500 to get me dancing in the street with an excuse... 'cause do'en that without headphones really looks silly.
~ I could fully understand the complexities of how the sexual being becomes more and more depraved the longer it remains in limbo, or is that a function of being a total nut bar in the first place.

Just a few quick words...
~ of welcome: to my friends Shann and Shan (ectv) - I had you guys (who are so not guys!!!!) amazingly mixed up ... I am beyond pleased to be able to share this addiction with you...
~ of warning: there's something in the air... the moon, the cycles... I was warning ya about this the other day... be nice, cause there be dragons.
~ of care and concern: for my friend nic (gailbird)... I hope the sandcastles are really styling and fun honeybunny.... (the "honeybunny" was just for affect... please please don't be off'nded)
~ of joy: for Lisa, that uber-girl in Boston... little miss swoon girl... the best things are worth waiting for and you just cannot selfdestruct 'cause it takes so long.

OK... I got loads, but work calls... so later skater. You guys totally rawk me outside.
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