Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 26

A gray day... all melty and stuff... rain tonight in a big foggy wonderland.. and it's all s'posed to turn to snow and ice by morning.
Weeeeee. !

Zee was being "helper mom" on a school trip to the national art gallery... with Edwards class... and seeing as her car was still where ever we took it to have it's snow tires put on... I had to drive her and the boys to school this morning. :) Big family adventure in my little car... almost never happens. :)

From there it was all about getting to class in mid-town and spending a day stressing about how much crap there is to remember for this exam.
Home to get a quick dinner done, wave to Ed and Zee as they zoom away to Eds b-ball practice and I'm back at the lap top working on client stuff. :(

I got to help geo get another WOW add-on loaded up ... auctioneer... as a bit of a break.
Some study'en and then there was a bed time ritual thing with Eds shower, and a'readed HPATDH... we're at the big climactic moments... that go on for ages... it's such a great story. :D :D (second time through it ... both times "aloud" at bed time... lol)

Now it's now... been work'en for a bit after the bed time thing but I'm hoping to get to sleepy land soon. :)

~ well... I'm in a "sleepy shirt" (this one is a 3WV "Morning Show" tee)
~ pj pants and an exceptionally old house coat.
~ reviewing some stuff for class
~ watching a show with Zee?? Maybe...
~ crawling into bed and falling dead away asleep (When I finally get around to going to bed, I can literally just lay my head down and count to three before I'm out cold)
~ that tomorrow goes well for ladymeg1...
~ to send a smile to notcharming... just 'cuz,
~ and that you all go [ :: here :: ] and click to vote for dana! (dana7880) The lush!

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday to my favourite Toy... (dailymom). I hope you had a lovely day and that there's some better health a'happening in the house of you!
And happy birthday to forever-girl astralle.... may this year bring you opportunity and connection... but a whole bunch of better health first. :)
And to the 70 year old mega-donna (psychomagnet) (myspace profile... 70! ha... :D) May this next year be a time of peace in that house of yours... and lots and lots of smiles too (mostly because I'm such a sucker for your ten million watt smile. :D) Have a lovely birthday sugar. :)

When countries contribute to your "do good things" fund... you know you're doing good things.
Canada just deposited a hundred and fifty mill into The Gates fund. "Here... go do good things with this.... K... thanks.".

Had a moment earlier today when the thought "What the heck is Flemish?" just totally popped into my head. I couldn't help thinking people from Flem spoke Flemish and it was kind of a come-down to hear about Flanders... which totally doesn't make sense.

~ sleepy. :)

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