Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ I find that taking imitrix... which works great by the way, leaves me in a depressed state. Like... on a big bummer. I've no earthly reason to be down, other than the usual crushing weight of all the stuff I have to do that I haven't done because I'm a horrid procrastinator... but that's par for the course of my life and is not the sort of stuff that would get me down. No... it's a "false negative" (which is just fun to say) vibe and I hope it'll be dead and gone by morning.

~ is there spaghetti sauce dried onto the walls or roof of your microwave? No, it doesn't have to be spaghetti sauce, per se... but anything on there that looks pretty much fused to the wall of your beloved microzapper? Shave Shove (:D) a new dish cloth into a plastic bowl of a big coffee mug, and pour a cup of water into it then zap the whole deal for like... two minutes. ... And then leave it there... don't open the door... leave it all steamed up and ick in there for 10 minutes. When you open that door... you'll be able to wipe everything dirty away like it was a swiffer commercial. :)

~ it snowed a lot here today. Everything is brrr... white... and, did I mention the "brrr" part?

~ I'm sorry ... for the icon. :D lol

~ k... I gotta go and make coffee... and watch Survivor. :)

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