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ok... no fool'en now..

I am electric.
Seismographs start to shake if I get too close.
My universe is crackling with energy...
Small sparks are dancing along the edges of everything around me.

Basically I am the ultimate potato clock. Or was that a potatoe clock... ?

The sun is shining, and the air is warm... people are the most amazing, unbelievable sources of joy and fulfillment....

Sick of this yet? tough.. not done!

No seriously, so much is going on at work, home and play that I can hardly contain myself... now if I could just factor sex into this somewhere... well that would be worth reading about.

Congratulations Laini... you're a wonderful young woman... my heart soar's at the news. I hope we get to talk soon!!!! :D

Unfortunately I have to go ... time to run for busses... rrrrgggg... peace out homeslice... Bird is the word.
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