Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, November 15

Yeah... this was my happy face... before I blew a word doc and lost a days work.
Insert grumpy scowling type face here.!! grrrr.

A gray day with little pockets of sun... another day in my little office, reading and typing...
and taking every opportunity to sneak downstairs and get something else done on the "room".

I bought 20 feet of seven stranded cable from a local a/v shop (same place I'll be getting my tv),
and they're sending a guy around on the weekend to crimp on ends for two sets of component video cables.
(no way between here and the deep blue sea was I gonna be able to fish six individual cables (with plugs) through my 1 (or is it 1 1/2?) inch conduits.
People... here me now, believe me later... (snarf)... if you're setting up a room to be a home theater room, use 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inch wide conduits.
Even if I had wanted to use HDMI, I would have had to have a custom cable made, because the groove station HDMI connector wouldn't fit around the corner in my 1 1/2 inch pipe.
However... big cool raw "single" cable is now fished through and waiting for the guy with the 100$ (minimum) crimping tool to put on component cable plugs.

I hooked up the speakers and the cd changer last night and... the sound is flipping glorious.
I note that I would need four times the amount of sound insulation that I have now to truly lock sound in that room... but the safe-n-sound insulation I did put in is sure dampening the volume when you leave the room. :D :D

The next big milestone will be when IKEA gets the flipping cabinet back in stock, so I can complete the wall unit.
Which all leads me back to reminding myself that I have got to got to got to get zee to conclude the new sofa shopping thing... 'cuz that's gonna take weeeeeeks to get to us.

~ black ftls...
~ black jeans... and no matter how much I like 'em... I'm stuck with jeans that kinda "low rise" ... and despite ever so svelte self image... I remain pear shaped where it counts... so...
~ black tee and a dark sweater, and no, I'm not feeling all "black" n'stuff today... it just came out that way. :)
~ Signature Audio Video for a quick cable buy... home depot for some low volt gang boxes... cost-co for a basket full of breakfast sausages for zee's office "breakfast" tomorrow...
~ and home before a normal work day starts. :)
~ discover that I had forgotten to click save before I walked away from my laptop last night... and have woken up to a seriously lost document. (grrrrr!)
~ work on re-creating... hated thing... hateful hated thing...  "recreating" what amounts to creative writing... just blows.
~ survivor tonight...
~ need to think about what to make for dinner... ??? I think spaghetti... I have some angle hair pasta... oh, and shrimp... umm... we'll see.
~ that the lovely Misha... willedit... finds herself loving her hair cut!
~ that you click over to monkey's journal and read [ :: this post :: ]
~ to send a smile over to tonya... just 'cuz...
~ and finally... a special wish... calling upon all the powers of the terrible spaghetti monster god... to visit hell-on-earth upon the insane-o that messed with Chris's life... She deserved a lot better than that.

My friend monkey explains it well in his post.. so i wont say it all again.
But I will say ... that it scares the absolute crap out of me, when I think about how bad the RCMP's reputation is now, how many unbelievable mistakes have been made in the management and execution of our national police service and that these guys all have guns... and worst of all... "Tazers". Apparently Tasers have pretty much taken over the role of engaging someone physically. I suppose they can just ixney the whole physical requirement for getting into the RCMP. Now every little pip-squeak can be a cop... with a tazer.

Why put in a 1 1/2 inch conduit when you can just as easily put in a 3 inch one?
Hm? I've asked myself this several times in the last day or two.
That's usually moments before I say "spaz" several times.

What are peeps using these days to download music from P2P networks? Is LimeWire the big wave... or is that yesterdays news?
Need advice... 'cuz all I know these days is bit-torrent-land. Is BT good for music? I've only ever searched for and snagged tv shows...
I suppose it's good for music...
I wonder...

~ k, see ya.

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