Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, November 11

Being a bit lazy... moving slow... pretty much avoiding the big "Ok... lets put the christmas lights" thing... but I can only manage to do that for another 20 minutes...then it's outside time.

The good part? "Outside" is absolutely beautiful. We've had a really nice weekend. :)

Yesterday was all about furniture shopping with Zee... to the absolute far end of the city... and many points in between.
And!!! We made progress. We found two sofas to sort out and do that "tape on the floor" thing ... Both of them are Natuzzi... and not the "Sears" version of Natuzzi (made in china) but the real "Made in Italy" version of Natuzzi. Now we just have to a) rob banks and b) decide which configuration works for us (We're talking a sectional thing here). And we found a kitchen table and chairs... although zee is debating a set that she has found on a local "buy / sell" web site.

That's two weekends given over to the shopping for a table, chairs and sofas... which is enough to be considered due diligence and emotionally authorize me to go back and buy the first thing I liked for the basement tv room. So I'm heading to IKEA in a while to do some "I'll take that" stuff. :)

Oh, and after a yummi dinner ... we had a "Family night at the movies" and went to see Fred Clause thing with Vince Vaughn. The kids loved it... and it was cute... but I wish that darned "Golden Compass" would hurry up and get released. :D

~ eh? Now? blue ftls and a white tee. :)
~ shower... christmas lights...
~ IKEA...
~ parents house for dinner... :)
~ try to steal some time to write about survivor... (finally watched it last night).
~ tape AMAZING RACE tonight.
~ to send a smile to notcharming and congratulate her...
~ for my sweet friend, icicle to find her way to the waters surface...
~ that earthgoddess spends her 100 on something very self-serving and enjoyable. :)
~ and for nerdular to relax and let the world think what it wants... even if it's busy thinking your a treat.

For every old man that sits back and quietly urges the next two generations to "never again" engage in the horrors of war...
There are ten men in suits who urge us on to devastation.
Today we acknowledge the debt we owe to those who fought for our freedom.
In Canada we call it Remembrance day.
And tomorrow we will go back to war in Afghanistan.
Fighting a war the rest of the world wont commit to helping with,
That we can ill afford in lives and gear...
And that can't be won no matter how you slice it.

Meanwhile that dick head in charge of Pakistan continues to destabilize his region, and the US continues to rattle their saber under the noses of all IRAN.

Sorry but I'll pay my respects to our vets...
But I laugh at the fools that say "Never again" like they think they're saying something meaningful.

Dinner last night.
cut long "shoots" of carrot ... so, like "long thin sticks" and get a bunch of small thin asparagus shoots...
Half cook the carrots... and really wash the asparagus well...
sizzle a breast of chicken in a pan all cut up into pieces... and sprinkle liberally with spicy peanut sauce.
when it's mostly cooked, shake on some chili powder... just a bit and two big table spoons of pineapple sauce.
dump the carrots and the asparagus on and stir it all up.
Cover it with a tight lid and let it steam on a lower heat for a couple of minutes.
Serve on a bed of rice... and enjoy.

~ 143 :)

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