Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, November 8

hola "little-c"... :D

yes it's true... I have no ass.

really a gorgeous day... got to spend some time outside, moving boxes full of ceiling building stuff from the garage to the basement doors.
upon review... this was the high point.
Next thing I do is move 'em into the house, and man oh man... I got one of those big heavey box in hands that smashes into a door frame that you ... don't... quite... fit... through which wasn't so bad, except that my middle finger on my right hand was between the box and the door frame. You know that Family Guy thing with the sucking-in-air and saying "ahhhhh" then sucking-in-air and then saying "ahhhhh"... yeah... that's me, 'cept I was a lot more colourful than "ahhhhh".
All purple and ugly.
Feels like a cartoon finger after the guy hits his finger with a hammer.
way stupid.

Meanwhile... working on chores, relaxing and making a nice dinner are the catch words for the day. :)

~ new black jeans...
~ ... tee and warm stuff. :) brrr.
~ busy body day without letting myself stress about anything.
~ bunch of work email... chores n' stuff. :)
~ survivor tonight...
~ that all is well with whataboutjen
~ for things to get on
~ and for the sass-monkey (sassy_red_head) to survive the day. :D

K... it hurts to type... :)

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