Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, November 7

Zoom zoom....

Home again ... home again...
I've worked over 40 hours so far this week.
dum di dum...

I get to wear jeans all day tomorrow. !!!
(today was 15 hours in suit-boy land.)

~ now? totally pj pants and an oooold warm sweater. :)
~ flippy day...
~ up at the... up way before the crack of dawn.
~ shower up and at my clients offices at 6:50 - heart of downtown DC
~ great meeting till 8:30...
~ cab it to this other agency office and meet the new partners
~ 9:30 begin two hours of presentations - all video'ed, and blah blah blah security blah security... (and it went fantastic)
~ back to my clients by 12:00... and another meeting till 1:45...
~ cab to Dulles airport... and home... where my heart is... by 8:30. :)
~ to congratulate super runner girl... myclevername awesome!!
~ that canuckgirl gets the heat on!!
~ for sugar-vee... nerdular... to have ... received all should give. :)
~ and that nbbmom... catches a darn break!

Birthday moments...
To wish my pammy... (pamdewind) a very happy birthday... and for fortune to keep you safe, happy and prosperous all through this next year. :)
And to the best thing I can think of about windsor... A very happy birthday yupjustme. May you and your little man find good times around lots of corners and ... for the pleasure of life to be your constant companion.
And ... in memory of a friend nortacon... may there be a peace where you now.

I am soooo glad to be home. :)

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