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Death, taxes and extra lines in Haiku

Ok, it's a beautiful day but it's gonna take a whole lot more than weather to put me the "happy place" ... I spent the whole night fighting with my taxes... In Canada, they're due on the 30th of April - if you owe, and due whenever if your getting a return. Well, I have never ever had to pay taxes at tax time... so much gets taken off my pay that it never really was an issue... so this year I totally ignored tax season 'cause I had so much going into my RRSP's that I figured there was no rush.

Very dumb move on my part. I owe... now I'm late and if I had done them a month ago I might have had time to change some investments around to reduce my amount owing to zero. Z is kicken my ass on this one and for good reason.

Now there's not a whole shit lot I can do about it now 'cept maybe learn a little something from it so I in "deal" mode... soon be replaced - I hope - by my prototypical uber mood. The trick, of course, is to get Z off the sticker-shock bummer.

Step one: make the day into some kind of an event. I elected to make today "Send my employers into a tailspin" day. I'm all dressed up in a suit with the nip-popp'en silk shirt and smelling good. This of course, creates a healthy atmosphere of wonder and worry among the lords and ladies that run the company I work for... seeing as there's really nothing to get dressed up for on today's agenda.

~ dark charcoal suite with the pale blue, brushed silk, no-collar shirt.
~ D&G
~ absolutely zero pubic hair... (ok, so the bush is intact, but otherwise... it's full membership in the bald squatchi club - Hi Steph!)
~ to get my groove back from the tax man...
~ more employee performance review stuff...
~ that I had more time for my friends... you guys are just amazing...
~ I could go to lovely Burbank, California and help my fav PowerPuff Chicketta pack boxes…

K, gotta fly. Later skater.

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