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If I said that someone "groked my groove" would you understand?

Oh, and at dinner tonight:

Geo: "dad... you should have seen, at the park we saw this huge beetle!"
Me: "cool, really big?"
Ed: "BIG!!" (actually has little interest in the topic but enjoyed yelling "big")
Geo: "Yea really big .. like this..." (hand gesture)
Me: "'what colour was it?"
Geo: "Black... big and black"
Me: "was it a talking beetle?"
Geo: (pause)
Geo: "Beetles can't talk dad."
Me: "hmmm... maybe not... I wonder what he would say if he could talk?"
Geo: "He'd say 'look at me I really big' oh, and mommy said he was hot! so he'd probably complain about that!"
Geo: "and I'll be he'd have complained about me trying to pick him up... He'd say 'hey you... stop picking me up.'"
Me: "If he could wish for anything what do you think he'd wish for?"
Geo: "He'd wish he wasn't black... cause black is really hot."
Geo: "What do you think the beetle would wish for?"
Me: "I think he'd say "I wish I was a rolling stone""
ok, you really really had to be there...

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