Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 31... Boo!

well hellooooo darlings... :)

Geo, in his twelve year old goodness... has elected to go out trick-or-treating in drag. There is a giant (hooped!) pink dress in my living room. He's gone to school as "Willy Wonka" but he's going out tonight as a princess. :) Atta boy. :D :D

Edward is highly jazzed about going as Harry Potter... black hair "spray on colour" and all... :D

Last night was all about painting a bit of wood that will be a black-floating-shelf for the center channel speaker, WHICH I STUPIDLY DIDN'T PUT A WIRE IN THE WALL FOR. I was thinking I'd use the TV speaker as a center channel... which it can do... but it wont be rated with the same ohm-age or whatever as my nice Boston Acoustic speaker... so... now I need to do some line fishing. Oh, and I ran a new coax cable ... cutting a nice hole and all... for Suzanne's proposed "move of the family room television". This was totally cool, because I was able to capitalize 100% on the photo record of the house-in-progress to identify where the air ducts were in the wall and the beams and studs and and and... ran the line without a hitch. :)

ps. It's a lovely day... as long as you have a sweater on. :)

~ well... a wig for one...
~ jeans, a black tee (formerly known as the "jet black tee") and a hoodie...
~ all about the clients... typing madness and consuming vast quantities of text... I suck in text like it's blood and I'm a vampire.
~ an den? The whole halloweenie thing all evening.
~ and for sure... some "relax with the tv" time later.
~ I could go to South Africa for a visit...
~ I could just go out and buy the tv I want... right now... NOW... alas... earwax. Oh, and hey... that whole "earwax guy is gay" thing... that is the stupidest thing in the world. That stupider than cfm boots on fat ankles. No really.
~ to send a few moments of condolence out to giabean ...
~ and to smile at princessblondie... and remind her to ... you know... not swallow.
~ and for kay to keep her fingers and mouth off the Jamaican... !!

20 cents worth of rye bread, and two dollars worth of montreal smoked meat... 1/2 cent worth of mustard... all waiting for me to finish this post and become part of my digestive system. :)

I have an evil scary "ape man" mask... I wore it yesterday and scared the cat. We have very hard porcelain tiles in our kitchen... her little windmilling legs looked like "roadrunner" legs for a minute there. :)

k... gotta go... :)
have a great day.

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