Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

I get a real kick out of talk shows, let alone friends and acquaintances...
that are bending and twisting to establish hard-core firewalls and filters for their kids use of the internet.

I mean... if you give your kids a computer in their bedroom and let them put a lock on their bedroom door... I can understand why you need controls... however, I think the real problem isn't the dangers the internet brings to those kids... but rather the dangers their parents bring to them by essentially tossing them into the fire wearing paper clothing.

If they kept the "net" in a public space in their home... and actually paid attention to their kids behaviors and activities on-line... AND maintain open and honest dialog with their kids about the dangers and the concept of "acceptable behaviors in our home"... I really don't see why they'd need all the hard-core-controls.

Personally, my take on that stuff is that it just motivates the kids to figure out how to bust out of their information prison.
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