Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 28

Oh yesterday was awful. Gray, rain... and holy moly was it ever windy!!!!
We puttered, ran errands, worked on house stuff and generally had a really nice day...
Even got to have friends over for late night coffee... :)

But today is sun. Sunshine and likely cold as heck... but tough... I'm in shorts as a kind of mental protest. :)

~ blue fts
~ khaki shorts
~ gap tee (thank you little sweat shop kids)
~ and a old but rarely worn, black sweat shirt... (a pink-elephant sweat shirt - if you know what that means... 10 points!)
~ leave for costco and get some more lasagna ...
~ touch-up trim paint in basement...
~ possibly put up some speakers... :)
~ have my whole family over for an early dinner... 'cept my mom... who is in Algonquin Park painting pictures...
~ to send a smile out to my little squeezeable Melli... er... sylvidoptera
~ for peaceful, restful nights to be a part of teasdale's life...
~ I could hug sirenity... just cuz she made me feel all warm and special a minute ago. :)
~ and that friends everywhere are enjoying the pumpkin carving vibe.

Birthday moments..
From yesterday... A big happy birthday to ewtikins.... may the days of your life find new ways to keep you entertained, happy, and feel'en the love. I know I have plenty of that last bit for you so... maybe that wish can come true. :) I hope you had a lovely day yesterday.
And as a quiet memory... happy would-have-been-your birthday to sadsong... a friend that slipped away in cancers grip last year. May there peace in your everlasting reward.

I must zooooom... zoom zoom ... in my little Dora.
See ya soon.

Oh... I want to buy a new camera... any ideas out there that aren't Canon?
Anyone own a Lumix from Panisonic?
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