Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 26

Great and all kinds of good day. Sunshine... fun stuff - and weird stuff - in class... which is officially over now.
(That's two weeks of the course content and then another 2 day "exam prep" course in late Nov... then two days of exams in Dec... weeeee)

Work is totally insane. I mean... I'm s'posed to be in DC in two weeks... but now that's up in the air due to my clients schedules... and now another group wants me in Fairfax next week... for a day... one day... in Fairfax. So monday morning I have to get my clients organized, and then - depending on how that works out... get booked on flights for ... monday night, hotels, etc... and then home again tuesday night or at the worst, Wed morning. This is all very crazy to me. Now if DC was only further away... I'd be getting good points for the trips. :)

Monday morning has absolutely got to go well. And like, all before 9:00 am.
When the hell did life decide that I had to become a fricking morning-person?
If I was British... this is the exact moment that I'd roll my eyes and say bloody 'ell.

~ ok, well it's like... dark out again (got up in the dark) and I'm on my second set of clothes...
~ started in all cargo and hoodie land
~ but I'm in painting jeans and a tee now. :)
~ meet local handyman dude that loaned me the table saw all summer... and gave him a case of beer...
~ drove to "class"... and had a crazy final day of class.
~ home despot, and cost-co on the way home... (I'm short like, 6 feet of 1/4 round, and we needed milk. :D)
~ it's NOW... and we still need to watch survivor... :)
~ and I gotta get some trim painted etc...
~ like mad mad mad... for monday morning to go ok...
~ that the ever expanding princessblondie... finds a little moving sidewalk. :)
~ to hand over some "congrats" to minarets :D
~ that my toy... er... dailymom... gets a little rest...
~ and to send all kinds of lj love out to horsepucky... just 'cuz...

Birthday moments...
A big schmoopy happy birthday out to sugar-b... b-girl... er... mommy-bee... um, odyssey_road. I hope you have had a wonderful day and that this next year brings you all the sunshine you and your wee family can endure. :)

Dear China:
You're mental. No seriously...
But I hope you guys find all kinds of s-s-s-s-s-s-super great resources on the moon. 'cuz goodness knows, China is like... devoid of resources... I mean, by comparison.

The Burma dudes that are all "displeased" with the military junta that's do'en all the "we're Mooooo-ahhh-mar now!!!" - have put out a call to people around the world... asking them to toss womens underwear over the walls of the Burmese (? Moamarese? Moamamormon lol!!!) Embassy in their town. No really. Apparently these in-no-small-way superstitious people believe that touching womens underwear will rob a man of his power. Clearly a message that has been long lost on Tom Jones... never-the-less... it sounds like a big bag of fun for folks living around a Burmese embassy. :)

My head is just spinning with all the stuff going on right now...
outrageous massive heart attack - if there's one in my future - should prol'y show up tonight or tomorrow.
It wont... I way to flipp'en healthy.
But if this was a movie... I'd be the red faced guy gripping his left arm and tipping over.

blink blink...

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