Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, October 22

(eating the monday)

Hi... it's been so long since we talked. :)

I started a week long training course today... It's part-two of this big course thing my team and I are taking ... with homework, stress, and - in theory - tons and tons of studying. I've done nothing... well, nothing besides client work, in anticipation of the course. 

And - of course - I can't let up with the client stuff this week... although I was supposed to. I have two scheduled conference calls this week that I'll have to bust out of class for and AND I have to get some docs finished for the clients this week.  So, the bottom line is that this week is going to suck ... evil and big.

Yesterday was all about working around the house... cutting the grass... cleaning out some of the garage... Generally a very relaxing day.
Only stupid part was staying up way too late watching more 4400. I haven't even watched Heroes from last week yet. (which translates into "I like this 4400 stuff" - and I knew I would from the first moment I read the first season, episode one review).

Mother nature has been getting some good love'en from her minions. She's been in a serious good mood.
Today was nothing but sunshine and warmth. Although I spent the day in a classroom... but still.

Biggest Drag? Training course means I have to drive during the rush hours and I HATE THAT... a lot!!!
The big "slow" on the way home had me expecting (demanding???) to see a stack of dead bodies and burning cars ... but nooooooooooooo... just some idiot playing bumper cars on a bridge.

~ gray ftls
~ evil jeans
~ Strong Bad
~ black hoodie. :)
~ up stupid early... feed the kids, kiss 'em goodbye and get myself ready
~ zoom to training course ... 45 minute commute if all is well on the roads.
~ home to take Edward to Basketball... Full winter b-ball session. :)
~ hoping to get some groceries on the way home...
~ tonight? "1/4 round" in the tv room... and more 4400.
~ I could insert an extra day between today and tomorrow. :(
~ that some sheep volunteer to be counted at the bedside of the big spaz, er... I mean, jloopy :)
~ and to my many friends that are busy watching the universe burn down in California... I hope you are all safe!!

Birthday moments
To a very tired... or deserves to be tired celtic_bairn, happy birthday!!! I hope all is well with your new baby - Ceilidh, and that you have the chance to smile and enjoy on your special day. Have a great year sugar-bairn!
A very happy birthday to darl'en sometimes59... little mz mom. :) May you find all kinds of joy in the days of your life this year. Stay safe... stay healthy and have a great celebration of your day. :)

SIX BILLION DOLLARS... $6,000,000,000.00 would do a whole shit load more for Canadians in need ... than it's going to do by turning into a "fleet" of Hercules Aircraft to carry big cargo to frigg'en Afghanistan. I think we (Canadians) should be protesting madly and daily about this stupid war.

You know... if you act like an ass hole... then you lose the right to be offended by name calling... and I don't care if it's a racial slur.
News item tonight... two high school white girls in a fast-food restaurant are being hit with ice cubes thrown at them by a bunch of black high school girls.
White girl calls them a name ... a racist slur... and the black bitches beat the ever loving shit out of the white girls.
Sorry, but if you're busy being a dick... you don't get to be high and mighty too...
let alone an animal who thinks they have a god given right to do physical injury to someone who calls you a nigger ... or whatever.

Sometimes words aren't enough,
And there has to be a touch.
As I dream of warm breath,
your lips like gentle finger tips,
trailing across my neck.

143 ...
See ya. :)

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