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ok... time to start screaming arrrrrgggg

I have just noticed that my server is fricking dead... Sorta accidentally launched something that hits a graphic from the home server and see ... NOTHING. rgggg... now all I wanna do is race home and find out what's wrong... simply not good!!!!

This should never happen... I'm gonna have to spend some time on making that little puppy a little more rugged tonight.

Hey.. I had expected a little water works from the heavens today and they ... they... never materialized... Instead the sky's all cleared up and now it's beautiful sunny and warm... who'd a thunk it. ahhhh spring ...

time for a little Haiku:

The tears of heaven
Sorrow for a weekend passed
Drip and vanish fast
A new week, new heat.

Would I pay for a back rub? Sure! been there done that!
Would I pay for sex? Unsure... life goes on for a long long time...
Would I pay for a spanking? Well that depends. Giving or receiving? hahaha...

Later skater.. time to "run for the buss" (drip drip drip)
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