Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Survivor XV Update!!

Survivor XV: Brightly Coloured... with Lead Paint.

Gimmy Back My Shells

Where in... life at Camp Zanadu is just suck’en the big extra leg, and they got the frustrated, hungry, losers to prove it! Meanwhile Camp Feh! is just drink’en it in... they even get some staff for a while. Sadly they get a drunken fool too. Tods' stock just keeps on climbing. Oh, and idiot boy with the Lazy Strategy just, like, happens to speak mandarin. (Valley-voice affect ON) Like, no way. Right, you know.

*To read the rest of this Survivor 15 Update, click below to jump directly to the post in the cor_realitytv community.*

(Fishing BIRDS... how cool is that?)

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