Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, October 11

It's all about the bed head baby... :)

Had a good night last night... meeting went well... and we got to visit a bit with a couple of friends.
Tried to take in heroes... but we both passed out on the sofa and ... vanished till the wee hours.

Now the evil news?
My frigg'en eye is dead.
[ :: un-fun picture of said eyeball is here :: ]
Two nights ago, while I was reading to edward, I reached up to brush an eyelash or something out of my eye and BAM!!
Somehow I either shoved an icky bit into my eye (white at the outside edge) or I scratched my eye...
Either way... there's a "bead" of something on the eyeball, it's red... and it's sore. :(

It's always something!!

~ er... white tee... house coat...
~ blue ftls...
~ ug!! quick shower
~ off to optometrist... to see if he can do something for my eye... and if not... the clinic. (total ug!)
~ client work for the rest of the day!
~ it's thursday... survivor... :)
~ to congratulate angryvixen!!! (and circlek too!!)
~ to smile at cynica... smile and wave. :)
~ for hisbeauty to feel loads better...
~ and to send a little peace and love to sunshowers08

The referendum to change the voting process and representation model for Ontario was defeated.
This is great news. :)

dear universe:
please stop with the constant challenges.
I would like to stop and relax just a little bit.

k... I gotta git
and I hope the doc can do something about the evil eyeball!
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