Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 7

It's all about turkey and basements this weekend. Long weekend. Monday is off, friday was weird and the Sat / Sun vibe is all about food and having fun.

The boys are totally relaxing into being the laziest humans on the planet... which is ok for now. :)
Suz and I are puttering... which is grand.

Mother nature had a big spit yesterday... but she's all warm and fuzzy again today.

~ new blue ftls
~ work jeans... I've been through two pairs of jeans with the basement project and I've just started with the next "older but don't fit all that well" jeans that I will now... work until they fall apart... and yeah, I'm still in the hunt for new jeans.
~ very old p-z tee...
~ off to home despot... need a certain kind of nail... and (I know I should have one of these) ...a chalk line.
~ thanksgiving dinner #2 tonight. :) Last night was with Suz's fam and tonight is with mine... although I think - hope - my MIL will be there tonight.
~ and just be in a generally good mood all day... because... it's a good day for it.
~ that lil'pixie sugar-hoops (pixiecup) finds a way to get... the quality sorted out. :)
~ for ladymeg1 to ... manage to survive the ridiculous superficial vibe that lives in her work world... and hold on to her values. It's what sets great success apart from ... just being another... "one of the many".
~ and that people would pony up a bit with the picture vibe. Post a pic of yourself... make if FO if you have to... but get current... be real... lets see. :)

birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to little miss jelly... (indigobluejelly) who seems to be doing just fine, tyvm... :D Have a lovely birthday sugar-carrie and enjoy the making of great memories with your surfer boy...
And to pinkrose70... may you have a lovely birthday ... with smiling, purring and general merriment all over the place. :)

Git-Mo... When is America going to get sick of being a torture state that denies human rights?
It's one thing for you to say you'll vote the bum out... but I mean... national pride has always seemed like such a big thing for american citizens.
Where is it?

~ gotta git... a busy day is calling to me like a sweet voice across a foggy bay. :)

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