Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

One of the things about working from home (mostly) that I appreciate the most...
Is dinner for four, including two picky little boys... done and cleaned up before 6:00.

Tonight was jasmine rice squeezed into a bowl to make a little half ball on the plate, with;
~ fresh asparagus,
~ garlic-fried red and orange peppers,
~ peanut seared shrimp and
~ a few thin strips of no-fat-broiled chicken..
all arranged all purty around the rice.
Oh and pineapple sauce on the rice for us non-picky types. 
Not a lot of any one thing... like only three shrimps, four strips of chicken, five stalks of asparagus, etc...
But filling, tasty, quick to make, and exceptionally healthful. :)
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