Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ so like, the other day, I was cruising selfportraits and I actually leave a comment for some young girl telling her the blue eyeshadow looks hideous and that she should immediately throw it away... and I'm about to type out an appropriate comment to a black girl who's portrait is of herself with one of her nasty dreads in her freaking mouth... but I stopped myself... counted to five and retired from commentary until my unsightly bitchiness settled down.

~ up early... do the thing they pay me for all day... like mad actually, getting reports and presentations out the door... er... over the wires... and when that ends... dive directly into basement work. I had (total "sigh... stupid stupid stupid" moment) actually laid all the dri-core in the basement "lobby" without removing the existing wall trim! Frack! It's gone now... and the floor? Total puzzle zone. it all boiled down to hammering in a series of carefully measured and cut pieces into the final places from the last open door frame. (see "dri core" explained [ :: here :: ]. Finished EVERYTHING at 8:30. Long ass day. All that remains is to glue new "inserts" into the bottoms of the doors that I cut off tonight (floor is an inch higher... doors are too long... must be cut).

~ I got me some "lens wipes"... so I'mma gonna go take pictures of the basement. :)

~ You would not believe how freaking hard it is to get five adults to agree on an "evening" to get together for one of our homeowners association meetings. Just... gah!

~ the television is calling to me... The 4400... Heroes... Weeds... must decide... because I'm so crazy tired I could curl up and vanish now!! :)

See ya.

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