Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, October 1

October 1... 16 days till they install the rest of the carpet downstairs... :D :D :D

back to beautiful... it's just crazy gorgeous outside.
No really... you should live here. :)

We finally got to watch epi one of The 4400 last night... and promptly watched epi 2 and had to talk ourselves out of staying up all night and watching the next four epis :D
Sadly, this was a contributing factor is messing up our morning... we all woke up at 6:50... (we're s'posed to be up at 6:00!!!!) ahhhh. :D lol.

There I was all panicked about making breakfasts... totally forgetting that I bought a giant can of vanilla protein powder for smoothies... I should have "smoothied" the morning.

I'm making plans with my bud (hi Jay) to get together and start the ceiling stuff in the basement. I have two full rooms of "nice" drop ceiling .... waiting in my garage for this. :)
The ceiling means ... Pot lights, dimmer switches and ... a real sense of "ok, we're done now" with the whole basement bonanza.

~ black ftls,
~ blue jeans... and I'm totally sick of these p-z jeans... they fit weird around the waist.
~ handy daddy tee shirt (daddy's day prezzi last year. :D)
~ a day at the desk... busy on the new gig. :)
~ finish the last (and hardest) 5% of the floor stuff in the basement (have to marry up the dry-core from one room to the other and ... it's gonna be evil - I envision having to lift the panels up into a A-Frame and lower them into tongue-and-groove land. sigh...)
~ watch more of The 4400. :)
~ that carorules doesn't get too bogged down with the facebook zone.  I've got one, but I mean... it's not really a "this or that" kind of thing... Lj is one beast... and facebook, is a totally different kind of beast. :)
~ to tell debby that her Tivo is ringing... answer that would ya...
~ and that nontradstudent takes it easy on the mad-tipping. (lol).

Birthday moments
Hola!!! Two of my most favorite lj friends are having birthdays today...
The incomparable willedit and the ever dar'len macdatty.
My sweet, kind, lovely, smart, and wonderful Misha... A very happy birthday to you Michelle. I hope 22 is as fun as 21 (lol). :D ok, shhhh...  May there be peace and prosperity in your family... and a never ending supply of positive reenforcement for your great work. :)
And to macdatty... may you be absolutely drenched in love this year... goodness knows you deserve it. :)

Dear Canadians... all of you...
Just imagine... just frigg'en imagine... if all the money we've spent so far on FIXING Afghanistan (and all the other backwards-ass shit-holes around the world) had been directed towards the development of a sustainable and positive solution to the troubles we face here in Canada in adequately incorporating Native Canadians into our economy, polity, society...

So what's the deal with 720 versus 1080 on the flat panel tv zone? I mean, I get the geek, but what about the "watch'en tv" side of that story?
Do you own a 720 ... a 1080? Happy? Issues? do you love it so much you practically wet your pants every time you watch tv?

I can't freaking believe that I didn't run a network drop to the "geek console zone" in the theater room.
I am stunned at my own shortsightedness.
stamps a big ol'L on his forehead.
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