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little tiny drips....

Wow... Life is so much like a really cliche book right now it's kinda silly. Two punk-assed-beeeee-utiful days of sun, cool breezes, barbecue's and kids leading to a Monday morning fully cloaked in little bitty drips of rain falling from a steel grey sky. Every now and then a darker bit of sky slips into view and then moves away... The view out my office window is up just high 'nuf to give a styling view of the cloud layers..... they - the clouds - are very low. I suspect this day will see some serious water works let go ... all towards the greater good of cliche green grass next weekend.

I am a very very happy little boi today. My little z and I managed to break a little of the ice that has frozen over parts of our relationship... a couple of months of baby steps have landed a heavy foot on the thinnest parts of that frozen pond and CRACK... A little sugar sneaks into play. Now, back to those baby steps....

~ a little grey wrap around skirt with a funky school girl skirt Pin holding the flap down.
~ new banana republic big white top, I just love how this feels...
~ baby blue thong, white fredericks of hollywood wire frame bra...
~ what? you still read this? hahahaha...
~ to be ridiculed for the 'wearing' section...
~ to get a couple of employee evaluation reports ready.
~ craft a project requirements doc for a new client.
~ baby steps be damned, red hot monkey sex was in the offing... :D
~ I could just get rover to bend over for the whole day and get a good look at the communities now that the Lj directory is working again!!!!
~ friends in need could be friends at peace and not become friends in pieces... I love you guys and wish for your happiness ever day!
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